Why “Up & Atta Girl”?

There’s the phrase, “Up and at ’em”.  It’s used to urge someone to get up, embrace the day, and get after “them”–those issues, homework assignments, or various other mini daily demons.

Then there’s the phrase (or word?), “Attaboy” or “Attagirl” to praise someone.  My father often would use that when I was a child after I’d done something well, whether it was a defensive kick in soccer or getting a difficult algebra problem correct.

I learned how strong my body is when I lost all that weight.  I was punching, lifting, running, downward dogging, and planking my way to a healthier and stronger body.  I strayed from that path in 2013 when I hurt my back, and even when my energy is good enough to run or plank, my joints now provide an extra hurdle.

In January I made the commitment to sorting out my back.  That’s when I started at a new chiropractor, tried acupuncture for the first time, and started getting massages.  I got in with the homeopathic doctor who has shown incredible compassion and who I believe wants to help my whole body feel better.

I want to become that fearless, energetic, committed woman again, and I think I can.

The name “Up and Atta Girl” is a combination “up and at ’em” and “attagirl” because even though I struggle to move beyond my bed each day, I believe I can.  Each time I visit the gym or run a 5k or fight through the brain fog it’s an “attagirl” moment for me.


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