I think most people in the Western world would agree that Netflix is an obsession.

It’s readily accessible, it has varied content, it’s easy, it’s something for any size of group, and of course, it’s addictive.

I’ve watched a lot of Netflix since I got my account in Seattle.  Programming, documentaries, and films I’d never known existed were suddenly at my fingertips.  I had a bad day?  No worries.  I could snuggle under a blanket with my laptop to watch something for my queue without trying various streaming platforms to find something that appealed.  When I injured my back, Netflix was my saving grace.  I hurt too badly to focus on reading much, and so various films and television shows kept me from losing my mind.

While I was in England I watched scores of foreign films, especially Bollywood.  I was, of course, dating a Pakistani at the time, so those held a special fascination for me.  Jodha Akbar quickly became one of my favorite movies with its music by the legendary A.R. Rahman, the period costumes, and the chemistry between the lead actors, Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan.  The music was integrated beautifully into the story, and it didn’t hurt that the couple in the film were also interfaith.  I watched loads of Doctor WhoSherlock (multiple times), and Bones, and I also caught up on horrible rom coms I’d passed by during college.

After we got married and relocated to America we started watching series.  Parks and Recreation was the first (and, arguably, the best), 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother, and we’re now going though House of Cards.  We also found copies of back episodes of RomeThe Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family.  It’s an escape for me after work, and I think after his many, many long hours in England he needed something relaxing to do after his (thankfully shorter) workdays here.

I have noticed that I feel like my tastes have gotten simpler.  I don’t read as much even since the initial pain has either subsided enough or my tolerance has increased.  I can’t get into dramatic, more highbrow series or films as I used to.  I think perhaps my brain is just so exhausted from the pain all the time that it can’t process as it once did, and my attention doesn’t get as well captured by slow-moving storylines.

I suppose my only silver lining in noticing that change in my capacity and preference for entertainment is that at least something does entertain me, and at least I can escape.  There’s nothing quite like changing into my fleece sweatpants, a comfy t-shirt, and snuggling under my heated throw with my cat and dog on the couch.  There’s something so comforting about that scenario, especially when I’ve got a cup of tea and a chortling husband next to me.  (It’s hygge, but that’s another post.)  Whatever helps me get from one day to the next I will accept gladly.


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