Essential Oils

Okay, hear me out.  I know I can come off a a bit of a hippie, but just hear me out before you run screaming from the co-op-loving, organic-eating, essential oils-hawking, kale-adoring girl.

I’ve been veering away from traditional medicine for a while now after so many specialists have failed me and prescription medications haven’t worked.  Pilates, strength training, massage, and movement are much better treatment options for me.  So when a friend gave me an information session about essential oils I was curious.  I see the massive displays in stores, and I’ve heard about ADHD/ADD symptoms lessening significantly when oils are diffused or applied.  Okay, I’ll try it.

I bought a starter kit, and my husband and I immediately felt more relaxed that evening when we used the lavender oil in the diffuser.  I coupled that sometimes with a stress-away blend, and I honestly do feel less stressed.  I also tried copaiba, which is a dietary supplement.  This one did seem to make me feel less pained and irritable in the month I took it consistently, and there was a noticeable uptick in my aggravation when I stopped it.  (I think this is pain-related.  Perhaps I don’t realize my pain is higher on a given day when I think about it, but MAN, is my mood different depending on my pain level.)

I’m branching out into blends and other topically-applied oils like vetiver to boost my mood and energy.  I keep rosemary at my desk for a little boost when I’m tired (since I don’t drink coffee except for a few ounces on very special occasions).  I got a sample of an essential oil pain relief cream which has peppermint and other cooling ingredients, and I was amazed that I got immediate relief.  According to my FitBit, I had the largest chunk of deep sleep I’ve had since updating my tracker to monitor sleep.

If you are at all interested in finding a more homeopathic way to treat pain or illness, I would encourage you to investigate essential oils.  While I haven’t had the dramatic results I was hoping for (save the cream), I think I’m happier when I make a conscious effort to incorporate them into my daily life.


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